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  • Theres this girl right.. and i love her. Like i reeealllly love her. Just thinking of her makes my heart race. God she’s perfection…and i didn’t believe that perfect could exsist. But everything i could hope for, wish for, dream of.. shes the full package and more and when i think of her. .lay and look at her.. i think, this girl could be the one.. and iv drempt about it. a life with her sounds so perfect. A life with her by my side would be like a dream come true..because a minute by her side now..i am already living the dream.
    Shes my sunshine on a cloudy day… lights up my life. Shes the most beautiful girl i have eeever met and i want her to know it.
    I know this girl… will read this.. cause shes my wee staulker.
    Sooo where ever you are reading this right now. I want you to stop. I want you to close your eyes. I want you to imagine me holding you and how perfect and right we feel when we are in each others arms.. forget about everything thats happened.. remember what my eyes look like when they look at you. Remember what my kiss and touch feel like and hear me when i say. With my whole being..i am sorry. I would do anything to fix this. I dont want to lose your love or what we have because its the most presious thing in the world to me. I am so in love with you tracy. Please let me make this better.

  • Ecklefeckan bound with the baby sis

  • Of on an adventure with the little sis <3

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    “I Will Wait” - Mumford & Sons

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    10 things our kids will never understand…

    limewire lmao I forgot that was a thing woww. my memory

    recording songs off the radio was disastrous

    I can relate to all except limewire (maybe I was too old for that :-)

    Limewire was allegedly the shit. This entire post though!

    This entire post is made of facts (though I liked kazaa more than limewire).

    I Was More A Kazaa Person, But What I Remember Was Recording From The Radio Cause You Never Had The Hole Song You Will Have Been Happy If You Had At Least A Hole Minute Of A Song!!! (Damn I So Don’t Miss That)

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  • We all know Lifes fucking when happyness comes along youv got to grab hold of it as tight you can and dont let go. Because happyness is fleeting. People say its love that makes the world go around. But thats not true. Love helps… because loves a part of happyness. So dont fight for love.. fight for whatever in this planet makes you the happiest…And dont give it up for nothing.

  • Wow :/ not been this down in a long time. Absolutly scunnered. Todays been shite.

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